Alpaca Dessert: the Ice Cream Shop You Absolutely Need to Try

What’s your favorite way to have your ice cream? One of the ways I step out of my comfort zone is to try flavors or dishes that I haven’t tried before. I was at The Spot MD in Rockville, MD for the first time. I was there for something else and of course ended up getting more than what I came for: ice cream.

I’ve seen Alpaca Dessert online and have wanted to try it for a while now. They serve snow ice, Japanese taiyaki, and Hong Kong egg waffles. I chose the egg waffle because this dessert is right up my alley.


There are three options for the egg waffle: original, chocolate, and matcha. Alpaca Dessert’s flavors include Black Sesame, Strawberry, Matcha, and Chocolate. I chose to try Black Sesame ice cream because it’s a flavor that I hadn’t tried before and topped it with mochi. FYI, there’s often a short wait because all of the waffles are made fresh.

Alpaca Dessert's black sesame ice cream topped with mochi inside of a matcha egg waffle.
Alpaca Dessert’s black sesame ice cream topped with mochi inside of a matcha egg waffle

The matcha egg waffle was one of the best things I’ve ever had. It’s soft but not mushy. It paired well with the Black Sesame ice cream that I surprisingly loved so much. Black Sesame is where sweet and a little nutty meet. I highly recommend trying this flavor combo. The super soft mochi added a great touch to this ice cream. FYI, I suggest that you do not try to stand this up by itself. It’s a little too heavy for that.


Alpaca Dessert was fun to try. I love the variety of ice cream flavors that they offer and can’t wait to try their other desserts next time. If you’re ever in the Rockville area and love ice cream, this is the place you need to try.

Until next time.