High Five: the Smoothie Bowls You Need in Your Life

There’s something about spring that’s so inviting. You want to go out more…maybe explore a bit. The warmer weather makes me want to quietly explore more. (We’re still in a pandemic.) Recently, I met with a friend for the first time in months. I hadn’t been inside of a restaurant or shop to eat since last February. I felt more comfortable–even doing something small–than I expected.

I met up with my foodie friend, Mylah, to visit a local, Black- and family-owned restaurant in Laurel, MD: High Five. I love that their menu has great treat options: smoothie bowls, ice cream, and smoothies. Their smoothie bowls looked so good. My foodie friend, Mylah, and I were so excited to try it.


As soon as you walk into High Five, there’s a cute nook for people to sit in that’s decorated with beautiful pillows. Thankfully, we went on a sunny day, so it was a great way to be in the sun without being in the cooler weather that morning.

The hardest thing I did that day was decide which bowl I wanted. They have about six bowls to choose from. I’m a huge fan of acai bowls, but I went with a smoothie bowl: the Pretty Dragon.

A smoothie bowl called The Pretty Dragon. The toppings include raspberries, bananas, mango chunks, chia seeds, and a honey drizzle. This bowl is from High Five, a Black-owned business located in Laurel, Maryland.
High Five’s Pretty Dragon smoothie bowl

The Pretty Dragon has a pitaya (dragon fruit) and mango smoothie base. It’s topped with granola, banana, raspberries, mango, and chia seeds and drizzled with honey. This bowl was made to perfection. The fruit combo worked so well. I loved the touch of chia seeds because I’ve heard how great they are health-wise, and you can barely tell that they’re on top as you eat. The honey was the perfect way to top this beautiful bowl.


High Five is such a great spot. The staff member was super helpful and made our bowls too pretty to not take a photo. There’s such a great vibe there. If you love smoothie bowls, this is the place you need to try!

Until next time.