Sipping on BeanBee Coffee

Are you a whole bean person or do you like yours already ground? I’ve recently become a whole bean person, and that’s made me realize how much I love the processes of different things I enjoy. There’s just something about grinding my own beans to make cold brew or a hot cup of coffee.

One of my favorite things as of late is buying coffee from Black-owned brands. I created an Instagram guide of ones that I’ve found on the platform that you can view here. My most recent purchase is from BeanBee Coffee, a New Orleans-based Black woman-owned small batch coffee brand. After falling in love with brewing coffee at home, the owner decided to start a coffee business. I’ve talked to her a few times, and she’s one of the sweetest people I’ve e-met.

A bag of BeanBee Coffee's Colombian whole coffee beans. BeanBee Coffee is a Black-owned small batch coffee company.
A bag of BeanBee Coffee’s Colombian whole beans


BeanBee Coffee has two roasts available: Ethiopian Blend and Colombian. The Ethiopian blend is described as a blend with special preparations from Sidamo and Wolyata and has a creamy body. The Colombian coffee is a medium roast coffee described as complex, chocolate, and creamy. I decided to try the Colombian coffee.

BeanBee Coffee's Colombian coffee whole beans. BeanBee Coffee is a Black-owned small batch coffee company.
BeanBee’s Colombian coffee whole beans

Ground Coffee

Before I add anything to a new (to me) coffee, I try it without add-ins. I loved that this coffee wasn’t very acidic. If I preferred my coffee black, BeanBee’s Colombian coffee would be the one for me. My favorite creamer with this was Chobani’s Vanilla creamer.

Cold Brew

I couldn’t wait to try this coffee as a cold brew. The flavor was only a little different because the cold brew process makes coffee less acidic than what it usually is. Nevertheless, it tasted just as amazing as the ground coffee method.

Coffee beans falling off of a hand and into a pile.


If you’re a coffee lover, BeanBee Coffee is a great brand to have in your rotation! The coffee beans are a great quality, and they were shipped so fast. I can’t wait to order more.

Until next time.