Truckeroo: It’s Really Plantain And Simple

In a park full of food trucks, I had my heart set on one that didn’t have a long line upon arrival. I tried it for the first time, last year, at my first Truckeroo event. Peruvian Brothers, one of my favorite food trucks in the D.C. Metropolitan area, serves some of the best Peruvian food I’ve ever had.

This Truckeroo event felt drastically different than the last one I attended. It was hot and humid outside, and there were a LOT more people…not my ideal summer situation. I really wanted my baby sister to have a similar first experience, but I couldn’t change these factors. We looked for the shortest lines, and my sister chose the first one, the Westray’s Finest Ice Cream food truck.


My sister got Peanut Butter & Chocolate, and I chose Southern Maple Cornbread. Let. me. tell. YOU. The ice cream I got was scrumptious. Enjoying this really felt life-changing. Have you ever eaten something and just thought, “Wow. How did I live life before this?” This was one of those moments for me.

After devouring ice cream, I bought pan con asado from the Peruvian Brothers food truck. Their food is truly a must-have. The roast beef was tender and seasoned just right. The caramelized onions were like putting a cherry on top. This sandwich truly is one of the best I’ve ever had. In February 2020, Peruvian Brothers got a spot at D.C.’s new Latin food hall, La Cosecha.

Peruvian Brothers' Pan Con Asado sandwich
Peruvian Brothers’ Pan Con Asado


I would definitely go back to Truckeroo. I love that it’s free to get in, and you only pay for the food and drinks you order. I think it makes the seasonal event more welcoming than the festivals that make you pay for entry and food. If you’re in the D.C. area during the spring or summer and love options, this is a great event for you to attend.

Until next time.