Beatstro: a Bronx Gem

Happy New Year! I was out of town for the first time ever on New Year’s Day for my friend’s birthday. She organized a trip to New York that was super fun.

I had heard good things about Beatstro, a hip hop-themed restaurant located in the Bronx AKA the birthplace of hip hop. We decided to make the trek to the Bronx from Brooklyn, and I’m glad we did. Per my friend, Remi, it’s strongly recommended that you make a reservation. Shout out to her for recommending this spot, too! This place is busy, especially on the weekends.

This restaurant felt just right. It felt homey to me. I’ve been a super hip hop fan ever since 2011, when I started college at St. John’s University. This was my kind of place: the vibe, the food, the people, the art covered…it was dope.



The drink menu had a lot of great options. I chose the sangria (not pictured) before dinner and finally tried limoncello after. It was the best sangria I’ve ever had! It was the perfect balance of alcohol and fruit, and I definitely wanted another one. Instead, I chose to try limoncello, like I’ve been meaning to do for years. I don’t regret a single calorie. It’s the sweetest alcoholic beverage I’ve had, which is right up my alley.

A glass of Limoncello on the table at Beatstro​, which is a restaurant located in the Bronx, New York City.
Limoncello at Beatstro

Thick Thighs & Hot Waffles

I chose the Thick Thighs & Hot Waffles, which is a waffle topped with fried chicken, pickled strawberries, and syrup. I’m a big fan of chicken and waffles, and this dish did not disappoint. The chicken was made to perfection, and the waffle was fluffy and delicious. The strawberries complimented everything, particularly the syrup, very well.

A waffle topped with fried chicken and strawberries. This dish is from Beatstro, which is a restaurant in the Bronx, New York City.
Beatstro’s Thick Thighs & Hot Waffles


I absolutely would get this dish again and can’t wait to go to Beatstro the next time I visit NYC. There are so many great options for food and drinks that it’s hard to just choose one! If you’re looking for a great brunch or dinner spot, this is it!

Address: 135 Alexander Ave, The Bronx, NY 10454

Instagram: beatstronyc

Until next time.