The Rub Chicken & Beer

Have you ever wanted to explore a city that you rarely visit? I rarely go to Alexandria, VA. I know, I know…I need to do better. It’s not far too far out, and they have a lot to offer. I sifted through a few restaurant lists and decided to check out The Rub Chicken & Beer, a Black-owned restaurant located on King Street.


Waf Waf Chicky Chicky

When I saw the Waf Waf Chicky Chicky sandwich on the menu, I was fascinated. As a chicken and waffles fan, this is something I had not seen before. This sandwich is made with a corn and cheddar waffle “bun,” fried chicken, bacon, maple aioli, and corn relish. Initially, I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the corn relish.

Hands holding a fried chicken sandwich from The Rub Chicken & Beer, a Black-owned restaurant in Alexandria, Virginia
The Waf Waf Chicky Chicky sandwich

You need to try this sandwich. The textures pair well, and the corn relish was such a great touch. It’s a little sweet, so I thought it made sense with the sandwich overall. The maple aioli was perfect. The chicken was fresh and crispy. I’d absolutely get this again.

Mac & Cheese

I try to not have expectations when it comes to macaroni and cheese. I’m not really a creamy macaroni and cheese person, and this one wasn’t for me. I didn’t know what type of macaroni and cheese it was before receiving it. I’m willing to try it again though.

Macaroni and cheese topped with bread crumbs from The Rub Chicken & Beer, which is a restaurant located in Alexandria, Virginia
Mac & Cheese


The takeout experience at The Rub Chicken & Beer was pretty smooth, and I didn’t have to wait long. The atmosphere was chill, and the staff was helpful. The sandwich was perfect, so I’m excited to try other menu items next time. The next time you’re in Alexandria, VA, check out The Rub Chicken & Beer!

Until next time.