That’s SoCal: Day 1

I woke up at about 6 to get ready for my 8 AM flight. Traveling in comfy clothes was a must. My excitement overpowered my sleepiness. I was ready to embark on this journey to the West Coast with my 2 of my closest friends, Marjani and Donia, to visit our friend, Jasmine.

Marjani and I left New York’s cold, snowy weather for warm, sunny San Diego. That was the first time I had flown in 6 years. I was actually kind of scared of flying, especially after the French Alps crash. When I went to Italy in 2009, I was scared because that was the first time I had flown since 9/11 happened. But I refused to let that bother me during my flight. I put it all in God’s hands, and He blessed us with a safe flight.

Two women at the airport

I was so excited that I barely slept on the flight. I saw so many beautiful things from my window while I was thousands of feet in the air. One of those things being some of the Colorado Rockies. My screen had a feature that let us see about where we were and how far, which I thought was pretty cool. I was wide awake when the screen showed that we were in California. *Put a million heart eye emojis here*

Snowcaps of mountains in Colorado outside of a plane window
My view while flying over Colorado

Being in San Diego was surreal. The weather, the palm trees, the people…I loved every bit of it. I just soaked it all in after I exited the airport. It felt like it had been forever since I had had warm weather. You know, since New York had been freezing/”mad brick” for a while. I was excited to have a week-long break from bipolar weather.

A woman smiling w/peace sign at San Diego International Airport

I went to San Diego to visit my friends, Jasmine and Eric. I haven’t seen them in a year. I’ve missed them so much. During my trip, I got a taste of Jasmine’s wonderful hometown and why Eric didn’t come back to New York. Haha. They greeted us at the airport, and we got to meet one of their roommates, Justin.

Our first stop was In-N-Out. I was SO excited about this fast food staple. I’ve heard about it a lot during the past few years and wished that there were some on the East Coast.

In-N-Out storefront

I ordered a cheeseburger combo. I didn’t even think to take a picture of my food. Haha. I was so hungry. That cheeseburger was one of the best ones I’ve ever had. In-N-Out has a special sauce they put on their burgers that I was a little surprised that I liked. It was a simple twist on one of the most American meals. The fries were okay. Not bad but not amazing. I wasn’t really interested in trying the secret menu item known as animal fries because I’m not a huge fan of onions.

After Marjani and I dropped our stuff off, we all went to Ocean Beach. I loved that there were beaches only about 15 minutes away from where we stayed. I couldn’t wait to see a part of the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

Neighborhood near Ocean Beach, San Diego
Neighborhood near Ocean Beach, San Diego
Ocean Beach in San Diego, CA
Ocean Beach in San Diego

Ocean Beach has a lot of shops and some places to eat barely 2 minutes (walking) away. We went to an ice cream shop, a record store, and a video game store. I didn’t get anything, but I loved that there was a lot so close to the beach.

Day 1 was pretty sweet because I got a taste of San Diego. Great food and a beautiful beach with awesome people. I couldn’t have asked for a better start to my vacation.

A woman looking at records in a record store in San Diego, CA

A tiny shell in the palm of a person's hand

Day 2 was another day of San Diego beauty.