Crazy Burger at Ted’s Bulletin

A bright food Instagram account can be quite enticing. So much so that you eventually become a fan of the content and want to actually try the beautiful dishes they post. There aren’t many restaurants that nail their feeds, but Ted’s Bulletin has it all figured out. It’s one of the places I’ve been excited to try, and I finally had the time to do so.

Update: the Peanut Butter Bacon Burger is not on the menu as of January 28, 2023. I hope they bring it back soon.


One of the first things I noticed about their menu was the boozy milkshake list. I’ve only had maybe a couple ever, and these sounded tasty. Ted’s Bulletin has flavors such as Bailey’s Caramel Macchiato, Irish Caramel Coffee, White Russian, Bananas Foster, and more. It was so hard to choose, but I finally decided to order the Bailey’s Caramel Macchiato.

Blue Crab Rangoon

I usually don’t get appetizers when I go out, but my sister saw the Blue Crab Rangoon that we had to try. Some of the other appetizers offered are Hot Buttered Pretzels, Loaded Tots, and Avocado Hummus.

Blue Crab Rangoons with mumbo sauce, a D.C. staple, on the side at Ted’s Bulletin
Blue Crab Rangoons with mumbo sauce, a D.C. staple, on the side at Ted’s Bulletin

I’ve had crab rangoons before, but these were different. I loved how the rich, scallion cream cheese complimented the Blue Crab. The mumbo sauce on the side really sealed the deal for me. Mumbo sauce is a Washington, D.C. staple, so I’m glad they have this on the menu with one of the most popular seafood options (crab) in this region. The sauce pulled everything together so nicely.

Bailey’s Caramel Macchiato Boozy Milkshake

I love Bailey’s anything, so I was hoping that the boozy milkshake was just as good. I’m happy to say that it was one of the best milkshakes I’ve ever had. It gave me a little bit of a buzz…no need to worry about getting drunk due to drinking one of these. I love that Ted’s Bulletin gives you anything that doesn’t fit in the glass in a separate cup. Who doesn’t want more milkshake?

Bailey’s Caramel Macchiato boozy milkshake at Ted’s Bulletin

Peanut Butter Bacon Burger & Fries

The menu has so many options, including non-breakfast items, to choose from, that it’s not surprising to keep changing what you want. After sifting through everything, I finally decided to take a chance and order the Peanut Butter Bacon Burger with a side of fries.

Peanut Butter Bacon Burger with a side of fries, tomato jam, and ketchup at Ted’s Bulletin
Peanut Butter Bacon Burger with a side of fries, tomato jam, and ketchup at Ted’s Bulletin

The Peanut Butter Bacon burger may sound odd to you, and it is. It’s one of those dishes that I’m sure many people wouldn’t think to put together. Not so surprising to me, the ingredients of this burger work so well! I’m no stranger to peanut butter and bacon together. Also, this isn’t the strangest burger I’ve tried…I’d say that the Nutella burger I had in San Diego holds that spot. The saltiness of the bacon works so well with the peanut butter, and truly is an ideal combination. Adding a burger takes this combination to the next level and adds a great element of texture to this dish. The Peanut Butter Bacon burger doesn’t come with any other toppings, which is best because that would be too much.

Ted’s Bulletin’s fries were some of the best I’ve ever had. They were fried perfectly. None of them were crunchy or too crispy. My meal came with a side of tomato jam, which I absolutely loved. I’ve never heard of tomato jam but was intrigued by it. It’s surprisingly sweet and a little tangy. I liked this jam with the fries more than the ketchup.


If you love having a lot of menu options or breakfast available all day, Ted’s Bulletin is a great place to try! There’s definitely something for everyone on this menu. I also loved how kind and helpful the staff was, which is always a plus!

Address: 1818 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

Other locations: Capitol Hill, Downtown Crown (Gaithersburg, MD), Merrifield (Fairfax, VA), Reston, and Ballston Quarter

Until next time.