Baked & Wired

I don’t know about you, but I love dessert. When I plan to have it after dinner, it’s always something I look forward to. I just often want to go out and try a new doughnut or cupcake flavor.

I finally went to Baked & Wired, which is a busy dessert shop in Georgetown. My sister and I had to wait outside in line because it was so busy! Finally getting inside felt like an accomplishment! We looked at a menu and looked down the line of sweets in amazement.

There are a lot of treats you’ll see while the line is moving, so it’s helpful to look at the menu or know what you want before arriving.

Cupcakes at Baked & Wired
Cupcakes at Baked & Wired

Since the line moves steadily, you don’t have a lot of time to choose what you want. This process is a bit easier because they have menus at the door for you to look over once you get inside. Once it was my turn, I ended up making quick decisions because a couple of my desired sweets were sadly sold out. I bought Tessita, Elvis Impersonator AKA, Dirty Chai (for my sister), and the Oh My God bar.

Note: the cupcake flavors may not always be available and are subject to change or being removed from the menu.


The O.M.G. Bar

The O.M.G. bar is the sole reason I wanted to go to Baked & Wired. I’ve been seeing it on my Instagram explore page for months and finally got it! Trust me, it was worth the wait. To simply describe this bar, it tastes similar to a s’more but a bit richer. The milk chocolate and marshmallow were delicious. My absolute favorite part of this dessert was the graham cracker base.

Baked & Wired's Oh My God Bar
Baked & Wired’s Oh My God Bar

The Elvis Impersonator Cupcake

The Elvis Impersonator AKA the Unporked Elvis was so good! I love a good peanut butter/bacon combo. This cupcake is made with banana cake and topped with peanut butter frosting and chocolate drizzle. Looking at the website, it looks like there was a name change since I last time I visited. You have the choice of adding bacon to it to make it “porked,” which I think is a great option to have available!

The Elvis Impersonator AKA the Unporked Elvis cupcake with bacon from Baked & Wired
The Elvis Impersonator AKA the Unporked Elvis cupcake with bacon

Tessita Cupcake

The Tessita cupcake, according to their site’s description, is made with vanilla cake filled with dulce de leche and topped with chocolate-hazelnut satin icing. I thought it was alright. I loved the texture and the filling. Maybe it was my expectation of the icing that threw me off. I was expecting one that tasted more like Nutella. I would get it again, but it wouldn’t be my first choice.

Baked & Wired's Tessita cakecup
The Tessita cupcake
Inside of Baked & Wired's Tessita cakecup
Inside of the Tessita cupcake


I would go to Baked & Wired again without hesitation. They make quality desserts, and the employees are super nice and helpful. I’m hoping to go again soon.

Until next time.

  • Cakecups from Baked & Wired
  • "get baked" stickers at Baked & Wired
  • Baked & Wired's Pretty Bitchin' cakecup
  • Photo of Baked & Wired's front door
  • Kelci Reedy in front of Baked & Wired, a dessert shop in Washington, D.C.