Mr. Wish: the Fruit Tea Shop You Need to Try

If you’ve been wanting to try bubble tea, Northern Virginia is one of the areas you should explore. Quite a few new shops have popped up, and one of them is Mr. Wish in Falls Church, VA. In a shopping center with a few other bubble tea shops, their large space and great menu help them stand out.


Mr. Wish has fruit tea, diced fruit tea, milk tea, fresh babo, smoothies, and macchiatos. There are at least a few options for each drink type. I ordered the Peach Sunset (seasonal drink) and the Apple Fruit Sherbet.

Peach Sunset Smoothie

A Peach Sunset Smoothie from Mr. Wish, a tea shop in Falls Church, VA
Peach Sunset Smoothie

The Peach Sunset tastes and looks exactly how it sounds—a sweet, peachy drink. It’s a peach smoothie made with diced peaches and cream macchiato on top. The sugar level was adjustable, and I chose 100%. The macchiato topping was smooth and creamy, which I think paired well with the peach flavor.

It’s the perfect drink for a warm day. While doing some research, I found out that the last day it was available was May 31. I hope it comes back again so you get to try it.

Apple Fruit Sorbet Smoothie

The Apple Fruit Sorbet smoothie is made with apple and yogurt. I loved that this drink was on the more mellow side of sweet. The fruit pieces added a nice touch to this refreshing drink. This one’s a regular flavor on the menu.

Apple Fruit Sorbet smoothie from Mr. Wish, a tea shop in Falls Church, VA
Apple Fruit Sorbet Smoothie


I love that Mr. Wish has so many options. I enjoyed what I chose and can’t wait to go back to try some other drinks. If you’re in the Falls Church, VA area, check out Mr. Wish! They also have locations in New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Georgia, Texas, California, and Washington state.

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Until next time.