Milk Tea at Auntea Boba

Have you ever tried bubble tea? It’s a popular type of drink that quickly became one of my favorites. There are some drinks you can find at many shops like taro milk tea or oolong tea, but AunTea Boba’s menu had some I had never heard of like Tiramisu milk tea, Vietnamese Iced Coffee, and the Halo-Halo smoothie.


It was hard for me to choose just one drink, but I stuck to it. AunTea Boba’s Cereal Milk Tea is what jumped out at me the most. Cereal milk is one of my favorite things about breakfast during my childhood, so I was excited to see if it tasted like its name.

A hand holding a cup of Cereal Milk Tea from Auntea Boba, which is a boba tea shop in Maryland.
Cereal Milk Tea

The Cereal Milk Tea tasted just like cereal milk. This drink tasted even better than I thought it would! I’ve wanted cereal milk to be something sold for years, and it’s great to finally have it. I loved the sweetness of it, and brown sugar boba pairs well with it. If sweet drinks are not your thing, I recommend decreasing the sugar level.


I loved AunTea Boba a lot, especially because of the flavor options. Everyone was so nice, and the drinks were ready so fast. If you’re looking for unique boba flavors, AunTea Boba is the place for you! Check out their Maryland locations in Lanham or Fort Washington or the D.C. location.

Note: I’ll add more drinks as I try more.

Address: 9448 Lanham Severn Rd, Lanham, MD 20706

Until next time.