Kyoto Matcha

Do you love matcha so much that you wish you could find a place where it has tons of matcha items? Well, look no further. Kyoto Matcha is the place for you!

I finally made a trip to Kyoto Matcha’s Ellicott City, MD location. It was hard to choose a couple of things from the menu, but I narrowed it down to one drink and one dessert: the Matcha Latte with red bean and Matcha & Milk Mix ice cream.


Matcha Latte with Red Bean

I really wanted to try the Matcha Latte with red bean because I figured the red bean would balance out the matcha. I had never had a matcha drink this way, so I was excited to try something new.

A matcha latte with red bean on a table inside of Kyoto Matcha, a dessert shop in Ellicott City.
Matcha Latte with red bean

I thought this drink was okay. I usually like drinks on the sweeter side of the spectrum. The red beans didn’t make it as sweet as I had hoped. If you are someone who prefers their drinks less sweet, this matcha drink may be the one for you.

Matcha & Milk Ice Cream

I couldn’t leave Kyoto Matcha without trying one of their desserts! The matcha & milk ice cream stood out to me. I love that you have three options with their ice cream: matcha, milk, or a swirl of the two. For an additional cost ($0.50), you can add toppings such as rice mochi, cornflakes, red bean, and boba. The gold sheet leaf topping has the highest cost on the toppings list ($2.00). I had never had gold sheet leaf before, so I decided to try it out.

A hand holding an ice cream cone that has swirled ice cream. The flavors are matcha and milk. This photo was taken inside of Kyoto Matcha, a dessert shop in Ellicott City.
Matcha & Milk swirl ice cream

The matcha and milk ice cream flavors pair well together. The matcha ice cream is a little bitter, and the milk ice cream helps lessen that bitter flavor. As for the gold leaf, it doesn’t taste like anything. I didn’t even feel it while eating the ice cream. It’s great for pretty photos though. I’d absolutely order this again.


There are so many items on the menu that you’ll want to make more than one trip. I haven’t visited again yet, but I can’t wait to try some other desserts and drinks! If you’re ever in the Ellicott City area and love matcha, Kyoto Matcha is the place for you! They also have other desserts like the milk tea boba cake and a sweet potato towel cake. There are also locations in Montgomery County, MD: Bethesda and Rockville.

Address: 10045 Baltimore National Pike, Suite A6, Ellicott City, MD 21042; 967 Rose Ave, North Bethesda, MD 20852

Until next time.