Let’s Talk About Dealing with Burnout

Have you ever experienced burnout? It can happen to anyone, and I think it can be worse if you don’t catch it early enough…and it happened to me.

Since July, I’ve been dealing with some things in my personal life. I just kept going and didn’t truly take the time to bounce back from those things. When I got a new job, I spent less time on my blog. When I had something pop up, it impacted my work. I had moments where I was more stressed than normal. It takes a lot to stress me out, and it was overwhelming. I brushed it off for months, and I wish I didn’t.

Then it hit me on December 16 like a ton of bricks. I had hit my breaking point and chose to brush off the signs I noticed prior. It was the wake up call that I clearly needed. Still dealing with the pandemic has also been a lot. Now, I feel like I’m in this gray area of navigating things and rethinking my approach to the things that contributed to this moment.

I’ve realized two things. One, I need to get back to journaling regularly to avoid build-up, especially emotional build-up. I overthink when I don’t have an outlet for my thoughts and emotions. Two, I need to regularly create things that I enjoy. I miss having the time to make Reels and try making new things. I miss having time to dig into an information black hole about something that randomly came to mind.

As I approach the new year, I’m working on ways to clear the clutter and turn down the noise in my brain while making more time to creatively express myself and explore.