Federalist Pig

Is there a restaurant that you keep telling yourself that you’ll go to next time…every time you pass it? That was me with the Federalist Pig.

I finally checked out their FedMobile location in Hyattsville, Maryland, which is a food truck. They’re using this while their location out there is being built. I’ve seen a lot of good things online, so I was very excited to finally check it out.


Federalist Pig sells meat in 1/2 lb. amounts, if you want some freshly barbecued meat. They also have platters, combos, sandwiches, a salad, and desserts. I was craving a sandwich and decided to order some loaded fries to go. Federalist Pig has pork, chicken, brisket and turkey sandwich options. After going back and forth between a couple of them, I ordered the Big Cheese Signature Sandwich and the Loaded Fries.

Big Cheese Signature Sandwich

The Big Cheese signature sandwich is made with pulled pork and topped with melted cheese, crispy onions, and BBQ sauce on a sesame bun. As you can see in the photo below, they don’t skimp on the meat.

A hand holding a sandwich called "Big Cheese" from a restaurant called Federalist Pig. They have locations in Washington, D.C. and a food truck in Hyattsville, Maryland.
Big Cheese Signature Sandwich

This was one of the best pulled pork sandwiches I’ve ever had. The pork was so fresh and perfectly tender. The crispy onions were tasty. I don’t usually have cheese on pulled pork sandwiches, but it worked so well on this one.

Loaded Fries

I also ordered the Loaded Fries, which are seasoned fries topped with pulled pork, melted cheese, ranch, and BBQ sauce to try the next day. It’s plenty for one person, and I think it could be divided into sides if you’re sharing.

A hand holding a tin filled with loaded fries, which are topped with pulled pork, melted cheese, ranch, and BBQ sauce. The Federalist Pig has locations in Washington, D.C. and a food truck in Hyattsville, Maryland.
Loaded Fries

Surprisingly, the fries heated up well the next day. I hadn’t had BBQ sauce and ranch together before, so I was surprised that I enjoyed it. The meat was perfect. Loaded fries can be hit or miss with having enough toppings, but their fry to topping ratio was perfect!


Federalist Pig has some of the best pulled pork I’ve ever had. It was fresh and tender, and the food was ready so fast. I’d absolutely order both items again. The service was amazing as well. If you’re ever in Hyattsville, Maryland, check out their FedMobile location. They also have a location in the D.C. neighborhood, Adams Morgan. You can also order items from their menu at Ensemble, a place where you can order food from Federalist Pig, Honeymoon Chicken, Ted’s Bulletin, and Sidekick Bakery all in one place.

Address: 5504 Baltimore Ave, Hyattsville, MD 20781; and a Washington, D.C. location

Until next time.