August 32

Bubble tea shops seem to be popping up more, and I love it! When I was working on the DMV Boba Tea guide, I came across August 32. I had no idea this shop was nestled in Beltway Plaza Mall, which is a place I frequented as a child.


August 32’s menu has a great mix of drink types: fresh fruit tea, fresh fruit tea topped with milk foam, milk tea, milk drinks, supreme teas, and smoothies. I chose to order a smoothie and a milk tea. It’s all about balance!

Grapefruit Green Tea Smoothie

I was so excited to try August 32’s Grapefruit Green Tea Smoothie. I haven’t had a smoothie like this since I visited C Tea in NYC. You have the option to add milk foam to many of the drinks, and I thought that it would help balance out the tartness of the grapefruit and the possible bitterness of the tea. I didn’t mix it before I took the photo below.

A hand holding a smoothie from August 32, which is a boba tea shop located in Greenbelt, Maryland. The drink is called "Grapefruit Green Tea Smoothie."
August 32’s Grapefruit Green Tea Smoothie

The Grapefruit Green Tea Smoothie was one of the best drinks I’ve ever had from a bubble tea shop. The milk foam paired well with the drink as I had hoped. If you’re a citrus person, this is the drink for you.

“Night Sky” Milk Tea

August 32’s “Night Sky” Milk Tea is a milk tea made with butterfly pea tea. Butterfly pea tea is one of my favorite floral teas. I was curious to see what it was like in milk tea form. I ordered it with the classic boba pearls.

A hand holding a boba tea drink called "Night Sky Milk Tea." It's from August 32, which is a boba tea shop located in Greenbelt, Maryland.
“Night Sky” Milk Tea

This milk tea didn’t wow me. I think that something like milk foam would’ve added more flavor to it. If you love very mellow drinks, the “Night Sky” Milk Tea may be for you. Although it wasn’t my favorite, I’d be willing to try it again.


Out of the two drinks I tried, I loved their Grapefruit Green Tea Smoothie the most. August 32’s menu has some other interesting drinks that I can’t wait to try. The next time you’re in or near Greenbelt, MD, check it out!

Address: 6000 Greenbelt Rd unit 102A, Greenbelt, MD 20770

Until next time.