The Waterhole: the Juice Bar You Absolutely Need to Try

Is juice or juicing your thing? I’m a sucker for some fruit juice and stumbled upon a juice bar on Instagram that I had never seen or heard of before: The Waterhole. It’s truly a hidden gem nestled in Mount Rainier, MD. You see, it’s super busy around there. Hyattsville and Brentwood are right there and have started to get more buzz when it comes to food spots to try. I saw a post about The Waterhole on the Hyattsville Wire’s Instagram account, a great spot to find out what’s happening in the area. The Waterhole is also a Black-owned juice bar!


I went into The Waterhole without being set on getting certain juices and chose based on what was available at that time. I went with Sunrise and Miss Moss. As of September 2022, their juice menu includes flavors such as Irie Thunder, Beet It, and Three Kings. I’m not sure if The Waterhole still offers Sunrise and Miss Moss.


The Sunrise was a perfect afternoon pick me up. The ingredients are orange, grapefruit, lemon, lime, and cayenne. Seeing cayenne as one of the ingredients piqued my interest since I haven’t seen it in a drink before. It pairs beautifully with the citrus fruits. Sunrise is labeled as a muscle buster + Vitamin C. I sipped this on my drive home and loved every bit.

The Waterhole's Sunrise juice made with orange, grapefruit, lemon, lime, and cayenne. The Waterhole is a Black-owned juice shop in Maryland.
The Waterhole’s Sunrise juice

Miss Moss

Out of the two drinks I bought, Miss Moss was the mellow one. This drink focuses on minerals and endurance. The ingredients are passion fruit, lemon, sea moss, pineapple, and coco water. I’ve seen sea moss mentioned by many online and figured this was a way to try it. According to the Chicago Tribune, sea moss contains mood-booster minerals and vitamins such as magnesium and potassium. Read the article here. I felt refreshed after sipping on Miss Moss.

The Waterhole's Miss Moss juice made with passionfruit, lemon, sea moss, pineapple, and coco water. The Waterhole is a Black-owned juice shop in Maryland.
The Waterhole’s Miss Moss juice


The Waterhole is a shop that I plan to visit often. I had the pleasure of meeting the owner, who was so nice. The juices are always made fresh, and you can even buy some of them as jugs instead of bottles. If you love juice, The Waterhole is a must-try!

Until next time.