Cxffeeblack: the Brand Focusing on Coffee’s Interesting History

Do you know the history of coffee? People often refer to an Ethiopian folklore, but the specific history isn’t known. According to the National Coffee Association, it can be traced back to Ethiopia. It eventually made its way to the Arabian peninsula and Europe (soon after the peninsula). Find out more about the history of coffee on the NCA’s website here.

Cxffeeblack is a brand founded by Bartholomew Jones and Renata Henderson. They highlight coffee’s connection to Black history, which is often not mentioned at all when people talk about coffee. The use of “x” in the name is similar to how Black people used it to replace the last names given during slavery. Find out more about their story here.


My mom gifted me a bag of Cxffeeblack’s Guji Mane coffee beans, and I’m so happy I got it. Believe it or not, coffee was on my Christmas list. I saw quite a few on MindBodyGreen’s list of Black-owned coffee brands and hoped to try a few. I’ve fallen in love with it so much and this Guji Mane is no different.

CxffeeBlack’s Guji Mane whole beans


Grinding my own coffee beans was something I quickly fell in love with, which also allows me to try coffee in different ways so I can share my thoughts about methods used. I always put cream and sugar in my coffee, but I made it a point to try it before adding “the works.” Guji Mane tastes light. I love that it’s not bitter like ground coffee can be. Drinking this coffee with less creamer is a great way to avoid masking the beautiful flavors that are there.

Cold Brew

Cold brew was my favorite way to drink Guji Mane. It’s when you coarsely grind coffee beans, put it in a container, and fill it with water. Then you leave it covered in the refrigerator for a minimum of 12 hours. If you generally prefer your coffee to be less bitter, I suggest trying this method.

I tried this with and without creamer, and it was great both ways. I was surprised that I liked it black because I usually drink coffee with creamer. CxffeeBlack encourages people to drink their coffee that way.


Cxffeeblack is such a cool brand, and their coffee and products are just as cool. It’s great to see more about coffee’s story. I enjoyed Guji Mane and can’t wait to order again.

A great way to support Black-owned brands is by seeing if there are any that sell items that you use regularly.

What are your favorite Black-owned brands? Let me know in the comments below.