Call Your Mother Deli Trolley

Have you ever craved something so much that you can’t stop thinking about it? Or, has there ever been a restaurant that you kept thinking about visiting? Same here.

Call Your Mother Deli is a shop that I think about often. I finally decided to visit their trolley location in Bethesda, MD since I was going to be close by. I placed a pick-up order just in case there was a long line. It was a seamless process.

The trolley was parked in a small parking lot by the main road. You really can’t miss their pink and teal/green trolley.

A pink and teal trolley in Bethesda, Maryland where Call Your Mother Deli sells food
Call Your Mother Deli’s trolley


Call Your Mother Deli is a Jew-ish Deli known for its bagel sandwiches. If you’re more of a regular sandwich kind of person, they have a few lunch sandwiches available on challah or rye. They also have sweets, drinks, and sides.

I had my eyes on Call Your Mother Deli’s the Sun City bagel sandwich. I’ve seen so many good things about it that I figured it would be great to try first.

Call Your Mother Deli’s Sun City bagel sandwich that is made with local bacon or pastrami, local eggs, and American and Cheddar cheeses on an everything bagel and drizzled with spicy honey.
Sun City bagel

The Sun City bagel sandwich is made with local bacon or pastrami, local eggs, and American and Cheddar cheeses on an everything bagel. The best part? The spicy honey drizzled on top. I ordered mine with the pastrami.

I love that this bagel is different than your usual meat, egg, and cheese. It was my first time having pastrami on a breakfast sandwich, and it won’t be my last. This sandwich was so good, and the honey was a great touch.


I can’t wait to visit Call Your Mother Deli again soon. If you love a good bagel sandwich, check it out when you’re in the D.C. Metro Area! They have a few of D.C. locations in addition to the trolley in Bethesda, MD.

Address: 8804 Old Georgetown Rd, Bethesda, MD 20814; and other D.C. and Maryland locations

Until next time.