Love Life Cafe

Ever since one of my favorite Instagram accounts, @JustSeasonedWell, posted about Love Life Cafe, it’s been on my list of shops to try. I recently included it in my “Black-owned Juice Bars in Maryland” guide that you can read here.

Love Life Cafe is a Black- and woman-owned business nestled in a shopping center in Laurel, MD. They focus on coffee and community through quality, service, and taste. Their menu includes handcrafted coffees, fresh-pressed juices, and vegan-forward bites.


I came to try one of Love Life Cafe’s juices, but I couldn’t leave without ordering coffee or tea. The chai latte was calling my name.

Hydration Station (juice)

The Hydration Station fresh-pressed juice sounded interesting to me because I love a citrus/ginger combo. It’s made with coconut water, pineapple, ginger, lemon, and cucumber. I am not a cucumber person and haven’t had it in years, but something was telling me to just try it.

A bottle of fruit juice sitting on a countertop. The juice is from Love Life Cafe, which is a Black-owned cafe in Laurel, Maryland.
Hydration Station juice from Love Life Cafe

I was shocked that the cucumber wasn’t too strong…and thankful. The ingredients tasted great together, and the ginger added the kick that I expected it to have. I can’t wait to order this juice again.

Vanilla Chai Latte

I hadn’t had a chai latte in months, so I was really excited to have one. When you order it, you have the option to add one of the syrups/sauces available. These options include caramel sauce, honey, mocha, peppermint, lavender, and coconut. The milk options are 2%, almond milk, oat milk, and soy milk. I kept it simple and added vanilla syrup. I usually get 2% but ordered it with oat milk.

A Vanilla Chai Latte sitting on a countertop. This drink is from Love Life Cafe in Laurel, MD.
A Vanilla Chai Latte made with oat milk from Love Life Cafe in Laurel, MD

This was one of the best chai lattes I’ve ever had. So good that I wanted to come back the next day to get another one…or two. If you love chai, I’m sure you’ll enjoy Love Life Cafe’s chai latte.


I had a great experience at Love Life Cafe and can’t wait to go back to try more menu items. I loved that it was cafe that didn’t have too many options. The next time you’re in Laurel, check it out!

Address: 929 Washington Blvd, Laurel, MD 20707

Until next time.