The Charmery

You know what’s perfect on hot summer days? Ice cream. It’s been so hot in Maryland that it’s hard to not want something ice cold. One place that’s been my go-to shop is The Charmery’s Columbia, MD location in the Merriweather District. It’s a great addition to the area.


I’ve been to The Charmery four times and tried a total of nine ice cream flavors. It’s broken down by bowl.

Bowl 1

For the first bowl, I ordered Thai Tea, Choccy Peppy Cookie, and Old Bay Caramel. I’ve tried the Old Bay Caramel before and always want it every time I go.

A hand holding a bowl of ice cream from the Charmery in Columbia, MD. The flavors pictured are Thai Tea, Old Bay Caramel, Choccy Peppy Cookie.
A three-scoop bowl from The Charmery in Columbia, MD. Thai Tea (top), Old Bay Caramel (bottom left), Choccy Peppy Cookie Vegan (bottom right)

Thai Tea

If you love Thai Iced Tea, I’m sure you’d love The Charmery’s Thai Tea flavor! It tastes just like the drink from your fave boba tea shop. I loved that there wasn’t a bitter tea taste to it. I loved this flavor so much.

Old Bay Caramel

This was my second time ordering the Charmery’s Old Bay Caramel ice cream. The Marylander in me feels like I need to order it every time I visit. It’s that good. The salty/sweet combination works incredibly well. Old Bay being in a dessert may not be something you have seen before, but it’s surely something worth a try.

Choccy Peppy Cookie (Vegan)

The Choccy Peppy Cookie flavor is made with a chocolate peppermint coconut base and vegan, Thin Mints® cookie pieces. I thought this flavor was okay. I’m not a huge chocolate ice cream person, and maybe that’s why. I was expecting it to be more chocolatey.

Bowl 2

When I visited the second time, I ordered Old Bay Caramel, Golden, and Green Apple Curry.

A hand holding a three-scoop bowl of ice cream from The Charmery in Columbia, Maryland. The flavors: Old Bay Caramel, Golden, Green Apple Curry
A three-scoop bowl of ice cream from The Charmery. The flavors: Old Bay Caramel (left), Golden (top right), Green Apple Curry (bottom right)


The Golden flavor is made with puffed wheat cereal and caramelized honey. I think it tasted like a good bowl of cereal. I’m not sure which cereal was used, but it worked so nicely with the caramelized honey..

Green Apple Curry

Green Apple Curry is an experimental flavor that’s made with roasted green apple and curry powder. Seeing it labeled as an experimental flavor made me want to try it even more, so I went for it. These two ingredients weren’t things that I’d think to put together, and they paired together beautifully. The bright, green apple flavor shined while the curry added a savor feel to it.

Green Apple Curry may not be available by the scoop, but it is currently available in a pint.

Bowl 3

During my third visit, I ordered Old Bay Caramel (again) and two limited-time flavors: Lemon Peppermint and Fresh Mint and Figgy Lime.

A hand holding a three scoop bowl of ice cream from The Charmery, which is an ice cream shop based in the Baltimore, Maryland Metropolitan Area. The flavors in this bowl are Lemon Peppermint, Fresh Mint and Figgy Lime, and Old Bay Caramel.
Lemon Peppermint (top left); Fresh Mint And Figgy Lime (bottom); and Old Bay Caramel (top right)

Lemon Peppermint (Limited Time)

Lemon Peppermint is inspired by the classic Baltimore treat–lemon peppermint sticks. It’s pretty area specific, so you may not have heard of it before. I had never heard about it until a friend told me. Learn more about the treat in Thrillist’s article here. The Lemon Peppermint ice cream is made with a lemon base, peppermint flavor, and candy cane bits.

This was my first time having these flavors together. Whoever decided to put peppermint stick in a lemon slice was onto something. Lemon and peppermint is one of those flavor combinations that you would never guess works. It’s a beautifully sweet, citrusy, and refreshing flavor that I’m sure you’d love.

Fresh Mint and Figgy Lime (Limited Time)

I was the most excited about trying Fresh Mint and Figgy Lime because it’s a combination I’d never seen before. Apparently, it’s a flavor that they’ve had in the past. The Charmery cold infuses their dairy with heaps of backyard mint and mixes it with a figgy lime burst.

Bowl #4

The Charmery brought back a lot of their breakfast flavors and menu items to celebrate National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. This national day is always celebrated on the first Saturday in February. The ice cream flavors included Lemon Ricotta Pancakes, Saturday Morning Cartoons, and Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal. I ordered a two-scoop bowl with Coffee Cake and Granola & Blueberry Yogurt ice cream.

Coffee Cake

The Coffee Cake ice cream was made with coffee from Vent Coffee with a swirl of coffee cake pieces. I love that this ice cream was light. The coffee flavor of the ice cream was perfect without overpowering the coffee cake pieces. I’d definitely order this flavor again.

A hand holding a bowl of ice cream. The ice cream is from The Charmery, an ice cream shop in the Baltimore Metro Area.
Granola & Blueberry Yogurt (front) and Coffee Cake ice cream (back) from The Charmery

Granola & Blueberry Yogurt

The Granola & Blueberry Yogurt ice cream was made with blueberry yogurt ice cream mixed with granola. I loved how strong the blueberry flavor was. The granola paired well with the ice cream.


The Charmery has become one of my go-to spots for ice cream. They have five locations: four in Baltimore, MD and one in Columbia, MD. If you love an ice cream shop with unique flavors, this is the place for you.

Address: 6000 Merriweather Dr Suite B185, Columbia, MD 21044

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