When YiFang opened in Rockville, it was the first time I had heard of the brand. Sometime after they opened, I received an Instagram direct message to come by and try a few of their drinks. I was so excited to check it out.

YiFang is known for using great quality ingredients. They use homemade organic cane sugar, seasonal fresh fruits, and natural ingredients. They do not use concentrated juices or powders. They focus on being able to taste the freshness of their ingredients while recreating authentic and classic Taiwanese flavors. Even amongst all of the boba tea shops trickled in Rockville, Maryland, YiFang stands out.

Note: I was invited to try these drinks when YiFang Rockville opened. I did not pay for the items featured in this post, but that did not sway my opinions of them. I was not asked to create a blog post or create any content in exchange for a review.


They use fresh ingredients (no syrups), and they offer various dairy options for those who can’t or don’t drink cow’s milk. Their toppings include classic boba pearls, grass jelly, mini pearls, sago, and green tea jelly.

Fresh Iced Taro Latte

Taro is one of my favorite boba tea flavors, so I had to try YiFang’s Fresh Iced Taro Latte. Taro, which is sometimes called “taro root,” is a starchy root vegetable that is used for drinks and dishes. It has a subtle sweet flavor to it, and I think it’s a great ingredient to have in a drink. Learn more about taro in Allrecipe’s article about it here.

I ordered my Fresh Iced Taro Latte with organic whole milk. I ordered it with a 30% ice level and a 100% sugar level.

A bubble tea drink sitting on a table. The drink is from YiFang in Rockville. The drink is called Fresh Iced Taro Latte.
YiFang’s Fresh Iced Taro Latte

After taking the photo above, I mixed the drink. It tasted so fresh. The texture of the taro was soft but not too soft. The subtle, sweet flavor that taro usually has was there. I think the 100% sugar level worked very well with this drink, and I’d even try it with a 70% sugar level since the taro brings its own sweetness to this drink. I’d definitely order this drink again.

Passionfruit Green Tea

I had planned to try at least one fruit tea. Passionfruit Green Tea is what jumped out at me the most. One thing I love about passionfruit flavored things is the tartness. I ordered this drink without ice and a sugar level of 100%.

A hand holding a tea drink. The drink is from YiFang in Rockville, Maryland. The drink is called Passion Fruit Tea.
YiFang’s Passion Fruit Tea

This tea was so good. I loved how strong the passionfruit flavor was. The green tea didn’t compete with or outshine the passionfruit at all. I also loved that the tea wasn’t bitter. I was a little surprised to see the passionfruit seeds in the drink, but they didn’t bother me. I’d order this drink again with classic boba pearls

Brown Sugar Latte

When I try a new boba shop, one of my go-to drinks is the Brown Sugar Latte or something similar to it. Going with a classic flavor helps me get a read of the place. I was so excited to try YiFang’s Brown Sugar Latte. I ordered it with a 30% ice level, a 100% sugar level, organic whole milk, and classic boba pearls.

A hand holding a drink. The drink is from YiFang in Rockville, Maryland. The drink is called Iced Brown Sugar Latte
YiFang’s Brown Sugar Latte

I want to note that you’re usually supposed to shake Brown Sugar Lattes before drinking them. I shook this drink after taking this photo.

This latte tasted amazing. The brown sugar and milk were balanced well, and I think the sweetness wasn’t overpowering. The boba pearls were perfectly chewy. It tasted just as I had hoped it would. I cannot wait to order YiFang’s Brown Sugar Latte again!


I enjoyed my first experience at YiFang. I loved being able to taste how fresh their ingredients were. I have since added it to my DMV Boba Tea guide. The next time you’re in Rockville, check out YiFang! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Address: 777 Hungerford Dr, Rockville, MD 20850; and a Fairfax, Virginia location

Until next time.