Ding Tea

You can never have too many boba shops. One thing I realized during my search for boba tea shops to try is that there are so many in Rockville, MD. Ding Tea is one of those shops.

Ding Tea is a Taiwanese Tea house. Their goal is to promote the Ding Tea brand and Taiwanese tea culture to the world. They offer fresh tea, flavored tea, coffee, hot drinks, milk tea, lattes, fruit juices, yakult/yogurt, and slushes


Drink prices are between $4.25 and $5.75. Some drinks are served only hot or only cold. You can also adjust your ice and sugar levels. Their toppings include black boba, mango star fruit jelly, aloe vera jelly, egg pudding, and taro cream. All toppings cost $0.75 except for crystal boba, which costs $0.85.

Blueberry Milk Tea

I was surprised to see Blueberry Milk Tea as a menu item. I have never seen a blueberry drink on a boba menu, so I had to try it. I ordered mine with apple star fruit jelly, a 30% ice level, and a 100% sugar level.

A hand holding blueberry milk tea from Ding Tea, which is a bubble tea shop in Rockville, Maryland
Blueberry milk tea with apple star fruit jelly

I LOVED this drink. The blueberry flavor truly shines instead of getting lost in the milk. I took a chance with the apple star fruit jelly, and it worked so well. The star jelly has a mellow apple flavor that I think paired well with the blueberry milk tea.

Lychee Milk Tea

Lychee Milk Tea is another flavor I haven’t seen before. I’ve had it twice, once with golden boba and the other with mango star jelly. I ordered the drink with a 30% ice level and a 100% sugar level both times.

A hand holding a drink called Lychee Milk Tea from Ding Tea. Ding Tea is located in Rockville, Maryland.
Lychee Milk Tea with golden boba from Ding Tea in Rockville, MD.

I really liked this drink. Lychee is pretty mellow in flavor, but it surprisingly still stands out from the milk. Out of the two toppings, the mango star jelly was my favorite. I think it paired well with the lychee flavor without taking over the drink.


Ding Tea is a boba shop with plenty of options, which is one of the things I love about it. Everyone was nice and willing to make drink recommendations if I needed one. The next time you’re in Rockville, check out Ding Tea!

Address: 785 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852

Until next time.