Rockville, MD is one of my go-to areas for boba tea. If you look at my DMV Boba Tea Shops guide, there are still some that aren’t on the list because I have yet to visit. On this list, you’ll see the Maryland boba tea shop that started it all for me: Bubbles&Tea.

Bubbles&Tea is a boba shop inspired by Taiwan’s bubble tea. They use high-quality and natural ingredients to create their cool drinks. One of their reasons for opening this shop was to share Taiwanese culture with the community. They also source some of their ingredients and snacks from Taiwan.

Bubbles and Tea's top ten drinks poster. Bubbles and Tea is a boba shop located in Rockville, Maryland.


Bubbles&Tea offers classic drinks, specialty drinks, milk teas, lattes, milk foam drinks, classic teas, fruit teas, yogurt drinks, slushes, and snacks. They also have some limited edition drinks, like the Rose Latte. Their toppings include classic boba pearls, mango popping bubbles, pudding, and red bean.

Rose Latte

Since the Rose Latte was listed as a limited flavor, I had to try it. As of August 31, 2022, it is still listed on the menu. I ordered mine with classic boba pearls, a 100% sugar level, and a low ice level.

A hand holding a rose latte from Bubbles&Tea, which is a boba tea shop located in Rockville, Maryland
Rose Latte with classic bubbles from Bubbles&Tea

This drink was SO good. I loved how strong the rose flavor was. I was a little surprised to see a few rose petals, but they weren’t a hindrance. I think it was a nice touch to the drink whether it was on purpose. If you’re a rose person, this drink is a must try.

Honeydew Slush

I finally tried one of Bubbles&Tea’s slushes. I decided to try the Honeydew Slush since I hadn’t tried a honeydew drink there before. You have the option to add toppings to slushes. I added classic boba pearls. You cannot adjust the sugar level in the slushes.

A hand holding a Honeydew Slush from Bubbles and Tea in Rockville, Maryland.
Honeydew Slush from Bubbles&Tea in Rockville, MD

This drink was sweeter than I anticipated. I think it worked well for a slush. I loved the classic boba pearls in this, but I think the honey boba pearls may be even better. If you’re a fan of sweeter drinks, this may be the one for you.


I’ve had a great experience every time I’ve visited Bubbles&Tea. From the great, helpful staff to the interesting flavors, it’s a shop worth visiting. The next time you’re in Rockville, MD, check out Bubbles&Tea!

Address: 1319B Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852

Until next time.