Slane Irish Whiskey Tasting

When I started this blog in 2013, I had no idea that I’d still be updating it and highlighting great places in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area. If you told me in 2013 that it would connect me with some of the best bloggers, content creators, and food & beverage professionals, I’m not sure that I would’ve believed you.

I was invited to Breakthru Beverage Group’s Slane Irish Whiskey deconstructed tasting. I was intrigued by the idea of it. This was my first alcohol-tasting event, so I was excited to attend! The deconstructed whiskey tasting was held at Allegory, the first bar to blend art, literature, social justice, craft cocktails, and hospitality. It’s hidden behind Eaton DC’s Progress Library.

seats in a lounge area inside of Eaton D.C.
Eaton D.C.’s Progress Library


Slane Irish Whiskey is a whiskey brand known for its signature triple-casked blend of whiskey. This brand was created by joining the Brown family’s expertise in whiskey-making and barrel-raising with the Conyngham Family’s historic grounds to make some magic happen. The Slane Distillery is right by Slane Castle where Alex Conyngham grew up and currently lives. He had wanted to start an Irish whiskey brand (originally named Slane Castle Irish Whiskey) for years and started one with his father and stepmother. They partnered with Brown-Forman in 2015.


This was the first time I had ever been to Allegory. The dimly lit room created a chill vibe and felt right for this event. The playlist was a mix of R&B and Hip Hop, which paired well with the vibe of this room.

I was at the event a little early, so I got to see the setup process.I loved that the tasting card looked like a record. The sheet behind it was the album cover. It was one of those details that I thought was a cool way to display the tasting info.

drink tasting menus on a table
Tasting menus for the Slane Irish Whiskey deconstructed tasting event

Slane Irish Whiskey is made with grain and malt whiskey blended together with flavors from three cask types: New American Virgin Oak barrels, first-fill Tennessee Whiskey barrels, and Oloroso Sherry butts. I got to try whiskey from each one of these casks plus the triple-casked whiskey in which they’re combined. The triple-casked, full-bodied whiskey had notes of vanilla, banana, butterscotch, a little baking spice, and dried stone fruits. I loved that it was smooth yet complex. I could taste how layered this whiskey was. I quickly became a fan.

Slane’s virgin oak barrels come from the Brown-Forman cooperage and have a heavy toast and medium char. It tasted light and had notes of toasted oak and vanilla. I loved how sweet it smelled.

The seasoned casks are usually Tennessee Whiskey barrels. This whiskey had notes of banana, caramel, plum, brown sugar, and butterscotch. The banana essence was my favorite thing about the seasoned one. This whiskey was just as smooth as the one from the virgin oak barrels.

Slane’s sherry casks come from Antonio Paez in Jerez. This helped create the complexity and richness of Slane with its baking spice and dried fruit notes. It had notes of chocolate, spices, cherry, and dried fruit. “Complex” was the best way to describe this one. I loved how bold it was and could tell that this is what really takes Slane Irish Whiskey’s Triple-casked Blend whiskey to the next level.

Bottles of Slane Irish Whiskey on a bar
Bottles of Slane Irish Whiskey’s Triple-Casked Blend whiskey beside the three differently casked whiskeys used for the blend

After trying whiskey from each cask, it was recommended that we mix the whiskey from all the casks to see how they compared to Slane’s triple-casked whiskey. It was spot on.

The signature cocktail of the evening was called Breakfast of Champions, which was made with Slane Irish Whiskey, sherry, bergamot liqueur, and bourbon malt liquor. This cocktail also includes a mushroom flavor. I’m usually hesitant about anything mushroom, but I was intrigued by the idea of it in a cocktail. Surprisingly, I loved it. It was reminiscent of a light coffee drink. I’d absolutely order this again.

A hand holding a cocktail called Breakfast of Champions
Breakfast of Champions


I’m so glad that I got to attend this event! It was a fun experience where I got to learn about a brand that I wasn’t familiar with and meet some people who I’ve followed on social media for years. If you don’t have Slane Irish Whiskey on your bar cart, you need to add it! I can’t wait to get a bottle or two.

Until next time.