Dolcezza Gelato & Coffee

There’s nothing like visiting one of your favorite local gelato shops when their seasonal flavors change! Dolcezza has some of the best gelato I’ve ever had. Years ago, I visited Southern Italy and had the chance to try gelato there. When I came back home, I hadn’t had anything close to it until I tried Dolcezza and Chocolat in the U.S.

Dolcezza Gelato & Coffee was founded by Violeta Edelman and Robb Duncan in 2004 in Georgetown, a Washington, D.C. neighborhood. They opened their shop before they had made their first batch of gelato. Dolcezza uses local ingredients to create freshly spun gelato. If an ingredient isn’t produced locally, they ensure that they find the highest quality version of those ingredients. Years later, they’re still making classic and creative gelato flavors and have many shops across the Washington, D.C. Metro Area. Learn more about Dolcezza’s gelato here.

Dolcezza's storefront in Bethesda, Maryland
Dolcezza’s storefront in Bethesda, MD


Dolcezza’s regular gelato flavors include Dark Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, and Stracciatella. Their seasonal flavors include Sweet Potato Pecan Praline and Crookneck Pumpkin. I didn’t check the menu before visiting like I usually do, but I’ve had Dolcezza before. Their flavors are always on point! This time, I ordered their seasonal Mascarpone & Fig gelato.

Mascarpone & Fig Gelato

Dolcezza’s Mascarpone & Fig gelato is a creamy mascarpone gelato with swirls of homemade Black Mission Fig jam. It’s the winter equivalent to their Mascarpone & Berries gelato that you may have seen in the frozen section of your local grocery store.

A scoop of Dolcezza's Mascarpone and Fig gelato sitting on a table
Dolcezza’s Mascarpone & Fig gelato

The Mascarpone & Fig gelato was one of the best gelato flavors I’ve ever tried. The creamy mascarpone gelato was perfect, and the fig jam adds a great, sweet touch that pairs well with the mascarpone flavor. I wish I could’ve taken a pint of it home with me. It was THAT good. Try this flavor before the season ends! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.


Dolcezza is easily one of the best gelato shops in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area. Their unique, great-quality flavors help them stand out amongst the others. You haven’t truly experienced what desserts this area has to offer if you haven’t tried Dolcezza. Check out one of their shops in Washington, D.C. or Maryland!

7111 Bethesda Ln, Bethesda, MD 20814

Until next time.