Fortune Cha

New year, new boba review! Boba/bubble tea shops are some of my favorite reviews to write, and I’m excited to finally share one about Fortune Cha!

Fortune Cha is a bubble tea and dessert house located in Alexandria, VA, nestled in a small shopping center on Little River Turnpike. I came across it when I was doing research for my DMV Boba Tea Shop guide that you can read here.

Inside of Fortune Cha, a boba tea shop in Alexandria, Virginia
Inside of Fortune Cha


Fortune Cha has a solid menu, and I think they have something for just about everyone to try. They offer iced tea, fruit tea, milk tea, coffee, sparkling ade, slushes, and smoothies. Their toppings include classic tapioca pearls, lychee coconut jelly, mango popping boba, and coffee jelly. It was hard to narrow down my options for drinks. I ended up ordering the Da-bang Coffee and iced Thai Milk Tea.

Da-bang Coffee

I was in a coffee mood, so trying a drink that’s listed as Fortune Cha’s best coffee only made sense. The signature Da-bang Coffee is Korean-style sweet iced coffee. “Dabang” is a word used to refer to traditional Korean coffee and tea houses, but the word broken down translates to tea (da) room (bang). Learn more about the history of dabangs here.

The sugar level of the Da-bang Coffee wasn’t something I could change. I chose to order it with classic tapioca pearls.

A hand holding a drink called "Da-bang Coffee" from Fortune Cha, which is a boba tea shop located in Alexandria, Virginia
Fortune Cha’s Da-bang Coffee

Fortune Cha’s Da-bang Coffee was one of the best coffee drinks I’ve ever tried! I loved that this drink was sweet enough. I love sweet drinks, and I thought this one was a drink that anyone could try and not be overwhelmed by the sweetness. I wish I ordered it with the sea salt cream cheese foam because I think a salty element would work well in this drink.

Iced Thai Milk Tea

You can’t go wrong with variations of Thai Iced Tea, and Fortune Cha’s Iced Thai Milk Tea was no different. Thai Iced Tea is a sweet beverage made with black tea and condensed milk and sometimes made with sugar and spices. Learn more about Thai Iced Tea here.

Thai Iced Tea from Fortune Cha, a boba tea shop located in Alexandria, Virginia
Iced Thai Milk Tea

I loved this drink so much! The sweetness of this drink was exactly what I wanted it to be. I think the classic tapioca pearls were the best topping available to pair with this Iced Thai Milk Tea. After finishing this one, I had wished that I ordered one to have for the next day. If you’re a Thai Iced Tea fan, I think you’ll enjoy this drink!


Fortune Cha was one of my favorite boba tea shops that I had recently tried. The staff was friendly, and I love how many drink options they have. I wish I had ordered one of their Bubble Waffle Sticks! Definitely trying it the next time I visit. If you’re ever craving boba/bubble tea in the Alexandria, VA area, I suggest checking out Fortune Cha!

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Until next time.