There’s nothing like having the time to explore an area you’re not in much. I was craving dessert one day and found MangoLina.

MangoLina is a Salvadoran shop with locations in Maryland and Virginia. I checked out their Maryland location in Langley Park to try a couple of their menu items. They offer savory and sweet snacks. The menu includes Elote Loco, Mangonada, Choco Banana, and Choco Fresa (chocolate strawberries).

Important info:

Accepts contactless payments

Music may be too loud for some

Inside of MangoLina, a Salvadoran shop in Hyattsville, Maryland


I was in a dessert mood, and the Dulce Fresa was calling my name. I’m a big fan of horchata, so I couldn’t go without trying theirs.


One thing I’ve learned about Horchata was that there are various ways to make it. They all have the same base but could be made with different spice combinations. It’s a blended drink made with water, rice, cinnamon, sugar, and vanilla. Some versions may use milk. Learn more about horchata here. This was my first time trying Salvadoran Horchata.

A hand holding a drink
Horchata from MangoLina

I loved this horchata so much. In the past, I’d had one or two in Maryland that weren’t like the one I tried in San Diego years ago. They weren’t as sweet as I wanted them to be, but this one from MangoLina was different. It was perfectly sweetened and not overly sweet. The cinnamon was just enough and not overpowering. I will absolutely order their Horchata again.

Dulce Fresa

You can’t go wrong with a strawberry dessert. MangoLina’s Dulce Fresa is made with fresh-cut strawberries and sweetened condensed milk. It’s topped with whipped cream and cinnamon. I was so excited to try this dessert.

A hand holding a strawberry dessert
The Dulce Fresa dessert from MangoLina

The Dulce Fresa was one of the most refreshing desserts I’ve ever tried. The strawberries and sweetened condensed milk paired well together. I could taste that the strawberries were fresh. The cinnamon on top was a great touch and something I wouldn’t think to put on anything with strawberries. If you love a well-balanced dessert, I think you’ll enjoy the Dulce Fresa.


I’m glad I tried MangoLina. Everything was made well, and the staff was nice and helpful. I loved how fresh the Horchata and Dulce Fresa tasted and wish that I had ordered more for the next day. The next time you’re in Hyattsville, MD, check out MangoLina!

1527B University Blvd E, Hyattsville, MD 20783

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Until next time.