Ice Cream Jubilee: the Ice Cream Shop You Need to Try Next

The Washington D.C. Metro Area arguably has some of the coolest ice cream shops. They’re great at keeping things interesting by having their staple flavors and regularly updated seasonal flavors. I always look forward to finding out what flavors our local ice cream shops will release for the season. Ice Cream Jubilee is one of the shops on this list.

Ice Cream Jubilee, founded and owned by Victoria Lai, was inspired by ice cream’s connection to her childhood. Ice cream was connected to good memories with her family. Victoria’s dad would miss family dinners due to work and brought ice cream home to share. Ice Cream Jubilee is Victoria’s way of bringing joy to others through imaginative flavors. Trying Ice Cream Jubilee’s flavors has brought me joy every time I’ve visited.


I love that Ice Cream Jubilee’s menu has classic and seasonal ice cream flavors, which are all intriguing. Their classic flavors include Bold Vanilla, Cuppa Joe, and Honey Lavender Lemon. As of March 2023, their seasonal flavors include Strawberry Hibiscus, Cherries Jubilee, and Matcha Green Tea. During this visit, it was hard to narrow down my choices. I ultimately chose the seasonal flavors (Spring 2022) because I didn’t know if I’d be back in time to try the seasonal flavors before they’d be switched for the next season. I ordered Blackberry Chamomile, Smoked Vanilla Cherry Sakura, and Orange Blossom Tea Cake. I hope these come back again. I’m happy to see that they brought back Orange Blossom Tea Cake for Spring 2023!

A hand holding a waffle cone with three scoops from Ice Cream Jubilee, which is an ice cream shop in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area. The flavors are Blackberry Chamomile, Smoked Vanilla Cherry Sakura, and Orange Blossom Tea Cake.
Ice Cream Jubilee’s waffle cone with the flavors Blackberry Chamomile, Smoked Vanilla Cherry Sakura, and Orange Blossom Tea Cake.

Blackberry Chamomile

Ice Cream Jubilee’s Blackberry Chamomile flavor was a fruity and floral ice cream made with blackberries and chamomile flowers. I’m not much of a chamomile person, but I really wanted to see what this would taste like. I love that the blackberry flavor stood out while the chamomile complimented it. Fruity and floral make a nice flavor combination. If you love floral sweets, this Blackberry Chamomile is the flavor for you!

Smoked Vanilla Cherry

Smoked Vanilla Cherry Sakura was a vanilla ice cream infused with smoky lapsang souchong tea with a cherry preserve swirl. A smoky ice cream flavor was something I didn’t know I needed until I tried this. I loved how the smoky note elevated this flavor. The cherry was the star, and the tea paired well with it. I’d absolutely order this flavor again.

Orange Blossom Tea Cake

The Orange Blossom Tea Cake flavor is made with oolong tea and orange blossom ice cream and crumbled rosemary shortbread pieces mixed throughout. I loved how delicate this flavor was. The brightness of the orange and the flavor of rosemary worked so well together. I loved the texture that the shortbread pieces added. Their Orange Blossom Tea Cake ice cream was so good.


If you love innovative ice cream flavors, Ice Cream Jubilee is a shop you need to visit. The ice cream is also great quality. The staff was nice and very helpful when I had questions or wanted a flavor suggestion. This is definitely a place I will frequent. The next time you’re in Arlington, VA, check out Ice Cream Jubilee in Ballston Quarter! Check their website to see if there’s a location, or if pints are sold, near you.

4238 Wilson Blvd Level C, Arlington, VA 22203 (Ballston Quarter) and other locations

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