PJ’s Coffee – Bowie, MD

Tea has quickly become one of my favorite drinks, and I’ve increased how often I make coffee since the COVID shift began. I love making my own coffee, but I love grabbing some from a local coffee shop.

One of my friend’s told me about one of the newest coffee shops in Bowie, Maryland: PJ’s Coffee. It’s based in Louisiana, and they recently opened a location here. When I was told that this location was owned by Black Prince George’s County natives, I wanted to visit even more.


Chai Velvet Ice

If you love chai tea, I think you’ll love the Chai Velvet Ice at PJ’s Coffee. This smooth drink was the perfect way to start a Saturday morning. The spices were not lost in the blended ice version of the classic drink. I usually end up with almost flavorless ice at the end of a blended drink, and fortunately, this didn’t happen with the Chai Velvet. I’ll definitely for be back this one. Starbucks, WHO?

A hand holding a Chai Velvet Ice drink from PJ's Coffee in Bowie, Maryland.
PJ’s Coffee’s Chai Velvet Ice

Vienna Creme & Beignets

I waited to try the beignets with my Vienna Creme until I got home. I’ve recently fallen in love with cold brew, so I was excited to try a different shop’s cold brew. This warm drink was made with PJ’s Viennese blend and sweetened, frothy milk. It was well worth the wait!

This was my first time having beignets at a shop or restaurant. I loved how soft they were, and the amount of powdered sugar was perfect. The coffee paired so well with the beignets, and I can’t wait to order this exact combo again.

Other Menu Items I’ve Tried

Caramel Cold Creme

The Caramel Cold Creme is made with caramel-sweetened Viennese cold brew concentrate poured over your choice of milk, topped with whipped cream, and drizzled with caramel. When I ordered this drink online, I learned that there are quite a few milk options. I ordered my Caramel Cold Creme with ice cream milk, and it was one of the best drinks I had ever had. The creaminess of this drink was perfect!

A hand holding a coffee drink from PJ's Coffee in Bowie, Maryland. The drink is called Caramel Cold Creme.
The Caramel Cold Creme with ice cream milk

Seasonal Items

I love trying seasonal drinks. What’s Summer without a drink to complement it? You know it’s not Fall without a good pumpkin drink. Check out the seasonal items I’ve tried at PJ’s Coffee in Bowie.

Pumpkin Sweet Cold Foam

I love a good pumpkin drink, and this Pumpkin Sweet Cold Foam is no different. It’s made with the PJ’s original cold brew. A pumpkin sauce is mixed into it, and it’s topped with pumpkin sweet cold foam. The cinnamon garnish is a beautiful touch. I love that the cold brew is flavorful. The pumpkin sauce pairs well with the cold brew. If you’re a cold brew person, this is the drink for you.

A hand holding a cold brew coffee from PJ’s Coffee in Bowie, Maryland
The Pumpkin Sweet Cold Foam

S’mores Velvet Ice

I was surprised that a drink usually associated with summer was on the fall menu. I’m here for it! S’mores should be a year-round thing. This drink is one of the smoothest you’ll ever have. It’s not nearly as icy as a Frappuccino. The S’mores Velvet Ice is made with PJ’s Signature Cold Brew Espresso Dolce with your choice of milk. I chose whole milk. Mocha powder and toasted marshmallow syrup were added to pack it with s’mores flavor. Let me tell you…that whipped cream? It’s some of the best I’ve ever had. I was disappointed when I realized all of it was gone. This drink mentally took me back to Girl Scouts’ annual sing-a-long campfire events. If you love a good s’more, this drink is for you.

A hand holding a drink called “S’mores Velvet Ice” from PJ’s Coffee in Bowie, Maryland.
The S’mores Velvet Ice

Cherry Cloud

The Cherry Cloud and other cloud drinks were on PJ’s Coffee’s Summer 2022, and I’m glad I got to try one. It was a tart cherry drink made with coconut milk. I think coconut milk drinks don’t always work, but the Cherry Cloud was different. I hope PJ’s brings it back in 2023!

A hand holding a summer drink called "Cherry Cloud" from PJ's Coffee in Bowie, Maryland.
The Cherry Cloud


I highly recommend PJ’s Coffee. The staff was so nice, and they made everything pretty fast for a busy Saturday morning. I loved that the busyness didn’t effect the quality of the service, drinks, or food. If you’re ever in Bowie, MD, check it out! Check out their website to see if there’s a location near you. I’m sure you’ll love it.

Address: 12530 Fairwood Pkwy, Bowie, MD 20720

Until next time.