Sippin’ Tea at Gong cha

There are so many bubble tea spots popping up in the DMV that I’ve created a list of places to try. Gong Cha is one I’ve had on my list for a little bit now. The only one I knew about was their Annandale, VA location, which I finally visited. Not too long after, I tried their new Maryland location: Arundel Mills.

I try not to get the same drink every time I go to bubble tea spots because naturally, I end up with a usual. This is my way of dabbling outside of my comfort zone.


I love that Gong cha has so many great options! Green tea, milk tea, milk foam, slushes, lattes, coffee…I spent more time thinking about what I wanted than it took for my drink to be made. I went with the Purple Sweet Potato Latte, which is a drink I’ve wanted to try for a while. I opted for 100% sweetness. It’s great that many bubble tea places ask you what level of sugar you want since everyone doesn’t want the same amount.

Annandale Location

Purple Sweet Potato Latte with Pudding Jelly

This gradient purple drink was so good and aesthetically pleasing! I think it’s one of those drinks that are best on the sweeter side of the sugar meter. I haven’t had a purple sweet potato to be able to compare it to the exact thing, but this drink makes me want to try the actual vegetable. I chose to get pudding jelly added because I had never heard of it. It’s smoother than boba and not as sweet. I like that it didn’t take away from the drink at all. This drink would be great without boba or jelly as well.

A hand holding a boba tea latte from Gong cha. The latte is called purple sweet potato latte.
Gong Cha’s Purple Sweet Potato Latte (Annandale location).

Arundel Mills Location

The Arundel Mills location looks a little bit bigger than the Annandale, Virginia location. Both locations have their signature blossoming tree. This location is woman-owned.

A tree of fake flowers
Gong Cha’s signature blossoming tree

Fresh Taro Milk Tea

I really wanted to try one of Gong cha’s blueberry series drinks but was told that they did not have it. My guess was that it hadn’t rolled out to all of the stores yet. The cashier suggested that I try the new Fresh Taro Milk Tea from their Fresh Taro series, and I was down to try it since I love taro drinks.

A hand holding a bubble tea drink from Gong cha. The drink is called fresh taro milk tea.
Gong Cha’s Fresh Taro Milk Tea

The Fresh Taro Milk Tea is one of the best drinks I’ve ever had. I’m not shocked that it was good, but I was shocked that it was this good. Every taro drink that I have had in the past cannot touch this one. The fresh taro was truly a game changer. You’re supposed to mix the drink after they give it to you, but I actually liked it a lot more without it being fully mixed. I was so bummed when it was gone. I cannot wait to get another one!

Dirty Brown Sugar Latte

Gong cha’s Dirty Brown Sugar Latte with pearls is my go-to drink if I’m not sure what I want. You cannot go wrong with this drink! It’s made with a brown sugar syrup that pairs with the milk so well. This drink is to be shaken before sipping. If you get this with 100% sugar, it may be too sweet if you’re not a sugary drink person. Thankfully, you can adjust the sugar level of Gong cha’s drinks.

A hand holding a bubble tea latte from Gong cha. The drink is called Dirty Brown Sugar Latte.
Dirty Brown Sugar Latte with pearls

Taro Coconut Milk Tea

If you love taro, I think you’d love the Taro Coconut Milk Tea. I added pudding jelly and strawberry milk foam. It had 100% sugar and 30% ice. I loved this flavor combo. I added the strawberry milk foam on a whim and was surprised that it worked so well with the taro and coconut. The pudding jelly was soft and mellow in flavor.

A hand holding a bubble tea drink from Gong cha. The drink is called Taro Coconut Milk Tea.


If you are someone who likes to have plenty of options and/or loves tasty bubble tea, Gong Cha is a place you should try! Especially if you’re in the D.C. or Baltimore Metro Areas. The staff was super helpful and friendly, which made my experience even better. I can’t wait to go back!

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Update 06/28/2021: Changed format; added more drink reviews