Call Your Mother Deli – Pike & Rose

It had been a while since I had a Pastrami Sun City Bagel from Call Your Mother Deli. I had been thinking about it for days. Making the trip to North Bethesda at an ideal time because Beltway traffic can be a lot is what leads to me having to plan a day. Thankfully, my family and I had the same idea to just take a trip to Pike & Rose to get some bagels and check out the shopping center. The last time I posted about Call Your Mother Deli, I went to their trolley location in Bethesda.

Note: I made this trip in the summer, so the Berry Pie Latte is now out of season. However, I do recommend their fall drink, Mulled Chai Cider.

Important details: Call Your Mother Deli’s Pike & Rose location is wheelchair accessible. They also have outdoor seating and online ordering options.


One of my favorite things about going to the Pike & Rose location is seeing how the pastel colors and light coming through the windows make this place look inviting. Also, it only has about four or five tables inside, and they have some outdoor seating available.

I already knew going in that I was going to get the Pastrami Sun City and their seasonal Summer Berry Pie Latte. The Pastrami Sun City is my go-to every time I visit Call Your Mother Deli. While I was waiting in line, I remembered that Call Your Mother Deli and Dolcezza, a local gelato shop, released their collaboration: Black & White Cookie Batter Gelato.

Pastrami Sun City

Pastrami Sun City is one of my favorite bagel sandwiches in the area. It has pastrami, bodega-style local eggs, and American and Cheddar Cheeses on an Everything bagel drizzled with spicy honey. 

A hand holding a pastrami bagel sandwich from Call Your Mother Deli, a shop with locations in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area.
A Pastrami Sun City Bagel from Call Your Mother Deli

Every time I have the Pastrami Sun City, I fall in love with it again. The flavor of the pastrami is perfect, and all the elements of this sandwich work so well. The spicy honey drizzle was such a good idea. It’s truly a beautiful touch.

Black & White Cookie Batter Gelato

I’ve been (impatiently) waiting to try the Black & White Cookie Batter gelato. It’s a sweet cream gelato mixed with pieces of Call Your Mother Deli’s classic Black & White cookies. I love Dolcezza, so I was sure that this flavor would be nothing short of amazing.

A hand holding a pint of gelato. The flavor is called Black and White Cookie Batter, which is a collaboration between Dolcezza and Call Your Mother Deli
Dolcezza x Call Your Mother Deli Black & White Cookie Batter Gelato

This gelato is a must-try. I loved the sweet cream flavor of the gelato, and the Black & White cookies paired so well with it. I definitely should’ve ordered another one to take home. I love seeing local brands work together to make something great!

Seasonal Items

Summer Berry Pie Latte

I always look forward to Call Your Mother Deli’s drinks. Their Summer Berry Pie Latte was a latte made with Triple Berry syrup and topped with a Berry Crumble (contained wheat). When the staff members told me that this latte was good, I knew I was in for a treat.

I loved this latte so much. The berry flavor paired well with the coffee. I loved that it wasn’t too sweet while the berry and coffee flavors both got to shine. It was a well-balanced drink, and I hope Call Your Mother Deli brings it back next summer.


If you love bagel sandwiches, Call Your Mother Deli is a shop you need to check out! I love everything I’ve tried there and can’t wait to go back soon. The next time you’re in the Bethesda/Rockville area, check out Call Your Mother Deli!

Address: 11807 Grand Park Ave, North Bethesda, MD 20852

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Until next time.