Kokee Tea

When a new boba tea shop opens near you, it’s only right to go check it out as soon as you can. At least, that’s what it was like for me when I heard about Kokee Tea opening at the Mall in Columbia. It’s right by Five Guys and T-Mobile in the mall.

Kokee Tea is a specialty drink & dessert cafe chain that offers handcrafted teas in fresh flavors that are made with all-natural golden cane sugar and natural ingredients. According to their website, Kokee means elephant and is described as “a symbol of strength, sociability, leadership, and loyalty.” Kokee Tea’s goals are to provide happiness, create a positive social atmosphere, and provide an excellent tea experience.


Kokee Tea offers milk tea, fruit tea, signature drinks, cold cloud drinks, and ice-blended drinks. Cold Cloud drinks are essentially cold foam or dalgona (whipped coffee) topped drinks. The toppings include coconut jelly, lychee jelly, honey boba, and mango boba.

Dragon & Rose

Dragon & Rose was the first drink I ever tried at Kokee Tea. It’s made with rose garden tea and dragonfruit and rose flavor. I’m a big fan of both flavors, so I was excited to see whether they made sense together. I ordered mine at 100% sweetness level with classic boba pearls.

A hand holding a boba tea drink called "Dragon & Rose." The drink is from Kokee Tea, which is a boba tea shop franchise in the United States.
Kokee Tea’s Dragon & Rose boba tea

I was surprised by how much I loved the Dragon & Rose. This drink leans more fruit than floral, which I love. I’ve tried pastries and drinks where floral flavors overpower the other ingredients, and I’m glad this drink wasn’t like that. The dragonfruit flavor was just right, and this combination was something I’d never consider putting together. If you love floral notes, the Dragon & Rose may be the drink for you!

Sweet Cloud Cold Brew

To know me is to know that I love coffee. When I saw that Kokee Tea’s Sweet Cloud Cold Brew was on the menu, I had to try it! This drink is made with cold brew coffee and fresh milk and topped with Sweet Cloud (cold foam). You can add toppings if you’d like. I ordered mine at a 100% sweetness level with classic boba pearls. I’ve also tried it with coconut jelly.

A hand holding a coffee drink
Kokee Tea’s Sweet Cloud Cold Brew with classic boba pearls

This drink…was one of the best coffee drinks I’ve ever had from a boba shop. It was a solid, sweet latte (post-stir), and the classic boba pearls worked well with it. The cold foam was a great addition to this drink. When I tried the Sweet Cloud Cold Brew with coconut jelly, I thought it added a great touch. One of my favorite flavor combinations is coconut and coffee. If you love lattes, this is the drink for you.


Every time I visit Kokee Tea, it’s a great experience. The staff is always nice and helpful. I love that the menu doesn’t have a ton of options because it makes choosing a drink a lot easier and faster.

The next time you’re in Columbia, MD, visit Kokee Tea! If you’re not in the area, check the website to see if there’s a location near you. There are some other locations in the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore Metro Areas.

Address: 10300 Little Patuxent Pkwy, Space No. 1315, Columbia, MD 21044

Until next time.