Tea Top

Spending more time in Ellicott City is something that’s been more interesting than I thought it would be. After doing some digging, I found out that there are many bakeries and shops that I have yet to check out. Tea Top is a shop that has been on my list for a while, and I finally got to check it out.


Tea Top offers traditional teas, milk teas, special teas, slushies, milk foam drinks, drinks made with fresh milk, matcha, and hot drinks. Their toppings include classic boba, cheese foam, Ai-Yu jelly, mango popping boba, and red bean. I was in a milk tea mood, so I ordered Rose Milk Tea and Brown Sugar Fresh Milk Black Tea.

Rose Milk Tea

Floral drinks have slowly become one of my favorite menu items. I was intrigued when I saw Rose Milk Tea on Tea Top’s menu. I ordered mine with a 100% sugar level, less ice, and classic boba pearls.

Rose Milk Tea drink from Tea Top in Ellicott City, Maryland
Rose Milk Tea from Tea Top in Ellicott City, MD

This was one of the best rose drinks I’ve ever tried. I loved that the rose was the star of this drink without being overpowering. In some floral drinks, the flavor can be too much. I think the classic boba pearls were a great topping for this drink, but I’d love to try it with another topping like pudding. I liked the sweetness level. I think I’d like this drink even at the next sugar level down. If you love floral drinks, I think you’ll enjoy their Rose Milk Tea.

Brown Sugar Fresh Milk Black Tea

Sometimes, I use a Brown Sugar Latte/latte-like drink to really know if I like a boba tea shop. It’s my go-to drink, and it felt right to get one at Tea Top. I was so excited to try the Brown Sugar Fresh Milk Black Tea. I ordered mine with 100% sugar, less ice, and classic boba pearls. I shook this drink to mix it before trying it.

A hand holding a cup of brown sugar black tea from Tea Top, a boba tea shop in Ellicott City, Maryland
Brown Sugar Fresh Milk Black Tea from Tea Top in Ellicott City, MD

This drink was amazing. I think the sweetness level was perfect and loved how fresh the milk tasted. It’s one of the best brown sugar-based boba drinks I’ve ever had, and I’d absolutely order it again. If you love Dirty Brown Sugar Lattes, this is the drink for you.


I loved Tea Top. It’s a cute, chill place to hang out with friends or to go on a solo bubble tea date. The drinks that I ordered were so good that I can’t want to go back! The next time you’re in Ellicott City, check out Tea Top!

10030 Baltimore National Pike D-160, Ellicott City, MD 21042

Until next time.